Did you know?

Scouting facts

 Community based facts

Approximately 110,000 adults support Scouting in the UK (Leaders, Commissioners, parent helpers etc)

Adults working in Scouting contribute massive free youth work to their local Community

  •  A leader would typically give time in the following way:

Sectional meetings - two hours a week over 42 weeks               84

A couple of weekend camps                                                           96

Planning and District meetings                                                       36

Training                                                                                                6

Day trips - three per year                                                                 36

Admin/planning - two hours per week                                            84

Total average number of hours per person per year          342 hours

Every volunteer gives                                                                   42 working days

A total contribution per person of                                          £3,488.40

(If paid at first step Locally Qualified NJC rates of £10.20 an hour)       

Total contribution for all adults working in the Movement     £383m - over £1/3bn

The number of volunteers working for Scouting is larger than the workforces of the BBC (24,000) and McDonalds (67,000) combined.
  • In a five-year period Scouting trains 70,000 adults in basic life saving. (CRP)
  • Scouting is the largest Membership organisation in the world working for peace.
  • Scouting is the only organisation to operate in all but six of the world’s 216 countries and territories.
  • There have been enough people involved in Scouting in the UK since 1907 (10 million) to fill the new Wembley stadium 11 times over. That’s approximately 1/6 of the population of the UK. It’s also more people than live in the London today (approximate population seven million).
  • Each year 10,000 Scouts from the UK travel to every continent in the world to work on community projects.
  • Every year JoTA* and JoTI** bring more than 500,000 young people together across the globe.
  • In the last 15 years, UK Scouting has raised over £500,000 to support development projects and other charities around the world e.g. The Queen’s Jubilee fund, RNID, Sherpa 88, Water Aid, Unite.

 * Jamboree on the Air.  ** Jamboree on the Internet

Adventure based facts 

More young people do adventurous activities as Scouts than with any other Organisation.

  • No other organisation offers such a range of challenging or exciting activities as Scouting.
  • The youngest person to walk to the South Pole was a Scout (Andrew Cooney). 
  • Each year 20,000 Scouts take part in the fitness challenge badge (and achieve it!)· 
  • Each year Scouts undertaking the Queen’s Scout Award walk the equivalent distance of once around the world           
  •  Each year Scouts spend over 2 million nights away from home doing adventurous activities.
  • 11 of the 12 people to walk on the moon were once Scouts. 
 You are never more than 10 miles from a Scout Meeting Place – adventure is accessible