The Beaver Scout Prayer

Dear God
Help us to be Good Beavers
Always busy and bright
Be with those we love the most
And help us do things right. 

Our Beaver Scout Colony has it's own prayer that we say every week at the end of meetings.
Please help your child to learn this so that they can join in.

The  Beaver Scout Promise

I promise to do my best
to be kind and helpful
and to love God.

Beavers make this Promise when they are first 'invested' 

(A ceremony when they receive their scarf, badges & formally join us).
We say this every week at the start of meetings. 
Please help your child to learn this so that they can join in.


The Beaver Scout Motto 

Be Prepared'

We aim to teach your child to be ready to cope with all that life throws at them!

The Scout Salute

This is made with the right hand. 

This represents the 3 parts of The Promise:

Duty to God, 
Duty to The Queen
Duty to self / community

We salute the flag at the start of the evening


The Scout Sign

This is the same hand configuration, but place your hand level with your shoulder. 
We use this only when we say our Promise.


The Handshake

Beavers & all 'Scouts' shake hands with their left hand as a sign of trust to their 'brother' Scouts.  

When Baden Powell, our founder was in Africa, he noticed that tribal chiefs put down their protective shield that they held in their left hand, thus leaving themselves exposed to attack from their enemies. This was a sign that they trusted their enemies.