Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Scout Survival Skills Weekend

During the last weekend in March 2014 we went to the Ennerdale Camp site for a survival skills weekend.

Four leaders attended and 8 Scouts and we are happy to report that everyone had a great time learning new skills and just being outdoors almost all the time.

It was great to see Scout Leader Gavin return after a long absence and together with our newly
appointed assistant leader John Leach they formed a good partnership and imparted a lot of knowledge to the Scouts.

Mike and Lou were also there in a support capacity.

We bedded down in the bunkhouse at night and Saturday food was provided from a central kitchen. On Saturday the skills imparted were axemanship, setting up bivvies using both plastic sheeting and natural materials.

They learned how to find north without a compass, how to set a map and how to use a marching compass. They learned about different  trees and types of wood and Saturday evening sat round a camp fire toasting toes before retiring to the indoors for a big meal. One or two fell asleep on chairs prior to bed time!

Sunday we learned how to make fires using things other than matches, ie flint and steel and we were successful.

Once we had a good fire going and lots of glowing embers everyone packed their own Sunday lunch in tinfoil and cooked it on the fire. Chicken potatoes and veg wrapped in cabbage was a popular option.

The site and bunkhouse were cleaned up and all left on time.

Next term will see us putting those skills acquired to the test when we sleep under the stars in our shelters!
Date to be advised.