Sunday, 23 March 2014

Yellow Beaver's Log Chew for 7th November 2013

Dear Mums & Dads and Beavers

Lots to tell you again this week .......................

Well, we have had a busy week this week, first of all Fireworks on Tuesday and tonight our usual meeting.

Tonight we invested Cori, Jay & Aston as Beavers, so that means that all the Beavers are now invested. 

We are expecting 5 new Beavers to join us on 21st November and 4 Beavers are starting their link into Cubs, so all change again!

Thank you to everyone who took part in the selling of Grand Draw tickets.  I am not sure of the exact total yet, but I think it is around the £400 mark.  I will give you a confirmed figure as soon as I know it. There is a list of winners on the notice board in the hall as well as in the Co-op and in Heron Foods.

Tonight we made Poppies and talked about Remembrance Day and why we wear poppies.  I hope that you will be able to tell them a little more about it too

This Sunday, along with (hopefully) every one else in the United Kingdom, we will take part in the Remembrance Day Parade, Service and Wreath Laying Ceremony.

We meet at 2.30pm in Fleming Square and then walk to St Mary's Church at Netherhall Corner.  After a short service in Church, to which everyone is invited, we walk over to the Memorial Gardens for the Wreath laying ceremony and 2 minutes silence.

Afterwards there will be refreshments for everyone served in the Rugby Club at Mealpot Road.  I believe that they open the bar as well if you would like to stay for a drink.

The Beavers will be dismissed from there.  Please do not take them away from the Group before then so that we can be sure that everyone is accounted for

Please wear your Beaver uniform and a poppy.  You will probably need a coat on as it will be chilly.  Alternatively, you could wear a thick jumper underneath your Beaver uniform and let everyone see all your lovely badges that you have worked so hard to earn.

Please do try and come along as we will be parading our new Beaver Colony Flag.

Subs - Can I just give you a reminder that if you miss a week, then you do need to pay the back subs when you return.  Thank you


Next week - 14th November 2013.  There will be no Beaver meeting. 

We are back on 21st November 2013 and have 5 more weeks leading up to Christmas.

Our Christmas Good Turn

Last year, we collected food for those less fortunate than ourselves and gave it to the Food Bank.  We collect 200 items.  This year we will be doing the same again. 

So, commencing on 21st November, please will you bring non perishable food items (tins of vegetables, fish, fruit, soup, cartons of orange or apple jucie, packets of biscuits, tea bags, sugar, long life milk).  These can be value range, but must be in date.

I will leave a box in the entrance so that you can leave items each week.

I realise that money is tight for families again this year, but if you can spare a £1 a week, it will really make a difference to families in and around Maryport who are desperately having to use the Food Bank and will give them a meal on the table at Christmas time.

Thank you on their behalf and mine too for your continued support.