Saturday, 29 March 2014

Yellow Beaver's Log Chew for 27th March 2014

Dear Mums & Dads & Beavers

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mums for tomorrow.  We hope you like your paper weight for the desk or to secure that huge pile of papers in the kitchen.

Some fabulous news ......... our website is now up and running:

Please have a look and let us know what you think?  There is still some information to add in the Cub & Scout Sections as well as the Gallery, but otherwise it is pretty much in the final stage. If you notice any obvious mistakes, let me know and I can correct them.

Now ...... to the Egg Heads that you planted 2 weeks ago - how are they getting on?  If you bring them back next week, we can see which one has grown the most and have a little prize for it

We have two more weeks left at Beavers for this term: 3rd & 10th April.  I have decided to meet on the 10th even though some schools will have finished.

We will have one week off (Maundy Thursday) and come back on 24th April, (although some schools may be closed), so please make a note on your calender

We will see how the weather goes and maybe we can get outside somewhere on that last night (10th), but I won't know till the week before, so this is just to put you on standby!

On the new website are all the Beaver Badge requirements, so please do have a look and see what you can do over the holidays.  Most are pretty straight-forward and you could have a few more badges when we come back for the summer term without too much effort. We just don't have the time to get it all done in the weekly meetings, so - over to you.....

Parents' Rota - we only have one or two names on the parent rota for the Summer Term and some Mums/Dads have come at least 3 times, so please will you take your turn and sign up?  There is no pressure to join in, but I MUST have another adult present to be able to operate within the rules.  it would be a shame to have to send everyone home for want of someone to stay for an hour.  Thanks in advance

Have you left? I still have two Beavers who have been missing for 4 weeks - have you left? can you let me know please if your child is coming back?  We have a big waiting list and lots of keen little children waiting to join us.