Sunday, 23 March 2014

Yellow Beaver's Log Chew for 23rd January 2013

ello Mums, Dads and Beavers

Hope you enjoyed our meeting last night?

Thank you to Mrs Thomson & Mrs Fearon who stopped to help last night and our regular Mr McIlroy.

There are no names on the list for after Half Term, so please can I ask you all to have a look as you come in and put your name up to attend. Mums or Dads are welcome.

Well - next week (during our usual meeting times) - we are having a joint evening with the Cub Pack. This is so that the last batch of 4 Beavers who have now completed their link to the Cub Scout Pack can have their official 'Swimming Up Ceremony' at the end of which, they will be invested as Cubs.

Also, we will be having an Investiture Ceremony for James, Henry and Luke, so please all try and be on time on Thursday.

We are doing well with the collection for the pennies for the Toilet Twinning and please can I have your bottles back by 30th January 2014, so that I can send off the money. I will ask the Beavers to vote for a country that they want to twin our Scott House toilet with and let you know the result in due course.

On Saturday, 1st February 2014, we are going to FUNTASTIC.  For the names I have so far -  some have paid and some have completed the 'permission form', so please check with me this coming week, so that I can get it all ready before the trip. If I do not have a completed 'permission form' then I am afraid I cannot take your child.

It was great to have a full Colony attending this week, let's try and keep it up for the next couple of week.

See you soon, Yellow Beaver