Sunday, 23 March 2014

Yellow Beaver's Log Chew for 10th October 2013

Dear Mums, Dads and Beavers

Last week, we finished the Air Activities Badge

For those who were not there on the night, there will be a little to catch up at home.

We watched a Safety video (the one shown on the aircraft), had a talk by  'Cabin Crew Staff' and then enjoyed an in-flight meal

Badges have been ordered and are on their way!

If there are any badges that you wish to do at home, then it is quite simple.  Just print off the requirements from (beaver badges) and bring in the sheet signed off by the teacher for that area, i.e. swimming teacher.  For Pet Lover's badge there is a booklet to complete, which could not be easier.  Imagination is another easy badge to do, as is the IT Stage 1 Badge.

Please have a look ..........

I am still collecting cardboard egg boxes for later on in the year and would be grateful if you can still keep sending these in each week.

I gave out the Draw Tickets last week with an explanatory letter. The tickets are £1.00 each.  Each family have been given £10.00 worth of tickets to sell and we would be grateful to have the counterfoils and money back before the end of October as the draw will take place on 5th November 2013.

The Halloween Nite for Beavers is in the Half Term holiday.  I just wanted to confirm that this is the case and it is not a mistake with the date.

If you are aware of any children who want to put their names down on the waiting list, please let me have their details. The names need to go down as early as possible to ensure that they start on their 6th birthday.  Because we are a very popular Beaver Scout Colony, we always have a long list.

Please can you put your child's name inside their scarf.  It will help them find it at the end of the evening.

See you bright and early on Thursday,