Thursday, 19 September 2013

Yellow Beaver's Log chew for 12th September

Dear Mums and Dads and Beavers

Welcome back to the new term.  We have had 5 new Beavers join us and welcome to:
Lucy, Aston, Jay, Cori and Ethan.  We really hope you enjoy yourselves with us all

Well, last week, we started on our Air Activities Badge and will continue this for another couple of weeks.  Last week we started off by making and flying paper airplanes, which I think everybody enjoyed.  We were really surprised at just how far we could make them go.  Does anyone know how to fly a plane or has been a Steward/ess?

Just a reminder that subs are now £2.00 a week and you do have to pay for the weeks that you have been missing.  Sorry - but the building is expensive to run and repair as well as our annual capitation for each child we are required to pay, which is about £30 per head. BUT, We do know we offer good value for money!

I am still collecting Egg boxes for a Programme that I have planned later on in the year, but I will need about 100 boxes, so please do keep bringing them.

If there is any more sponsor money to come back, please can we have it, together with the form by the end of September, so that I can report back to you with the totals and make the tax claim etc.  Any problems, please do contact me.

We will be having a little competition each week for the 'best scarf' with sweeties as a prize.  I would like to encourage all the Beavers to look smart and tidy as habits formed now will continue into adulthood! Please give them a helping hand and a reminder before them come each week.

I have now finished painting the boys' toilets, so please have a look when you come up on Thursday. 

Next on the list is the kitchen, back (cupboard) room and upstairs. If anyone would offer me some assistance with this, I would be very very grateful.  It is just a couple of coats of emulsion and so it is a relatively quick job (if there is more than one of you).  Just let me know when it is convenient for you.

New Mums and Dads and Beavers - do look our for this email each week as it lets you know whats happening.

See you Thursday, bright and early.