Sunday, 29 September 2013

Yellow Beaver's Log Chew for 26th September 2013

Dear Beaver, Mums and Beavers

Welcome to another Log Chew.

This week we have welcomed a new Beaver called Flynn and we hope he will be very happy with us.

Ethan has lost his arm plaster but Jacob has got one on now.  It seems these things come in 3s, so who is next we wonder?

Please can you try and come promptly so that we can start at 6.30pm.  We only have one hour, which goes by so fast that we can hardly fit everything in.

We give the Beavers a snack each week and for the last 2 weeks, we have had chocolate biscuits.  Does this make your son or daughter hyper?  We have noticed over the last two weeks a change in some children's behaviour and wondered if this was the reason?  Would you let me know if it they are allergic

We are still collecting egg boxes and would be pleased if you could bring any along each week.  This is for an activity later on in the year, but I need about 50+.

Each week after our opening ceremonies, I ask the Beavers to remove their neckers to make it safer as they are running around.  However, for the last 2 weeks we have had issues over whose scarf belongs to whom.  Please, please will you write their name on the label so that we can stop any arguments about ownership. 

Congratulations to Sam who celebrates his 7th birthday before we meet again next week.  We all sang him happy birthday tonight and gave him is cake and card.

Finally, we now have all the sponsor money in and together with the admission money and raffle held on the night, you helped us raise £500 (after expenses)

Thank you very much. Additionally, when I make the claim at the end of the tax year, we will be able to recover 28p in the £ from HMRC on the sponsorship donations, which gives us approx £100 more.

See you next week when a new Beaver will be joining us - see if you can spot him when you arrive and be sure to say hello!